M! real scandal - Mamta Kulkarni

M! real scandal - Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta, born to a Maharashtrian family in Mumbai, aspired to be an actress. She knew that she had the looks and the attitude. Despite doing films in the south, Mamta had her eyes fixed firmly on the glitzy world of Bollywood. She decided it was time that people took notice of her and went ahead and did a topless photo shoot with one of the leading glossies! The photo had her shirtless and covering her assets with her hands. This was the first time that an actress had done something this bold for a photo shoot and, predictably, the picture created a lot of buzz, both positive as well as negative! While filmmakers swamped her with offers to do bold numbers in films, religious and women's organisations branded as her as a loose woman! Mamta hit back at them by saying, "When a Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts and a Demi Moore do it, it's 'wow, what a picture!' It's just some people who are jealous of your success and fame who talk crudely about you. If I've to just open my mouth and talk about the so-called puritanical attitude of most of the actresses here, your ears will fall off."
Mamta was undeterred. She knew that without the support of a godfather, she had to resort to something shocking to gain attention and that she did. In one of her interviews, Mamta mentions that she couldn't believe the reception that one picture got. She stated, "After the cover, the widespread acclaim and applause I got is simply unimaginable. I don't think any actress must have got that kind of attention. Madhuri Dixit, who is a senior actress, didn't get the kind of attention and standing ovation I got at a premiere recently. I don't mean to boast but that is what 'that' one picture has done." Her big ticket to Bollywood was her item song in Ghatak, and after that, film offers never stopped!

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