Guess What Actress Mamta Kulkarni is Up To These Days?

Do You Remember Mamta Kulkarni?

 The only news one heard of Mamta Kulkarni was that she had become a yogini and was living with husband Vicky Goswami in Kenya. But in a shocking turn of events, Mamta and Vicky were taken into custody by the National Police Service of Kenya in collaboration with the US Drug Enforcement Administration, when Vicky was caught in a drug trafficking racket!

 Buzz is that while Vicky is now under arrest, Mamta has been released and has returned to her home, where the raid took place. Years ago, when Mamta was all set to marry Vicky, she was warned by several people not to go ahead since he was a supposedly known drug lord in Dubai. Her family then distanced themselves from her too.

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