Selena Gomez Tries To Makeout With A Baby

Selena Gomez Tries To Makeout With A Baby
Selena Gomez’s propensity for underage girls was well established after her relationship with Justin Bieber. However, now Selena’s sick pedophile ways have really gone to the extreme, as you can see in the picture above of her trying to makeout with a baby.

I don’t know how you degenerate infidels do things, but us Muslims would never let someone sexualize a baby like this. That baby is obviously a good 5 or 6 years away from being ready to be married off and breed, and Selena Gomez trying to violate her before then is just plain wrong.

Selena Gomez has shown once again that she is one disturbed lesboqueer pedophile in this picture of her and a baby. One can only hope that she can be stopped before she is found in a planned parenthood’s dumpster scissoring with a fetus.

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