Madhuri Dixit 's Success

Madhuri Dixit 's Success
Whether you know her as “Queen Bee” or “La Dixit,” there’s little question that Madhuri is a true Bollywood icon. After all, this quintessential heroine has been honored with five Filmfare Awards, four Star Screen Awards and two Zee Cine Awards, making her own of the most decorated actresses in the world. In fact, Madhuri is so cherished in her native land that she was given the National Citizen's Award on August 25, 2001 in recognition of her contributions to Indian culture.

Despite her many accomplishments Madhuri insists that she isn’t done yet. “I am capable of much more,” she says. “I guess every artist feels that way. If you are satisfied, you begin to stagnate. I want to grow as an actress everyday. There are so many things you can learn and you can improve upon your skills and abilities everyday.”

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