Lady Gaga: Modeling for the Mugler Fall & Winter Fashion

Lady Gaga: Modeling for the Mugler Fall & Winter Fashions

Lady Gaga proudly announced that she would sport this new style down the runway as two of her songs played. For her protection, security was hired to make sure the runway show ran safely, but the guests were certainly in for a treat and very inspired to see Lady Gaga sporting the Mugler fashion.
Though the Mugler fashion might appear to be something new and different for many, it is actually a common style that is worn considering the fabrics that are used for the material. Most of the fabrics are sheer and silk like or made of fur materials. However what cause them to be unique is the unique prints that are used for the design. The shoes that are worn are tall and big, yet they seemed to be comfortable for the models to walk in.
Lady Gaga modeled two different styles of the Mugler collection. The first fashion outfit was a black sheer outfit with a black built in bra. She had long bleach blonde extensions that were covered by a stylish triangular hat. A white corset, sheer body suit was the second style that she wore as she walked down the walkway. Each style looked absolutely stunning on her and it is said that she bought the entire Mugler collection in every color.

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