Nicole Kidman - Filmography

Nicole Kidman - Filmograph

Nicole Kidman is an Australian actress (she was actually born in Hawaii to Australian parents) who has forged a very successful career in Hollywood. She is known for playing cold and emotionless characters and sometimes faces criticism for being so emotionless. Some would say her real career break came when she married Tom Cruise because of the added exposure it brought to the young actress. By the time her marriage had ended in 2001 she was a star in her own right and went on to win an Oscar for best actress in 2003. The following is a list of movies that Nicole Kidman has acted in during her career.
"Moulin Rouge" and "Eyes Wide Shut" helped showcase Nicole Kidman's sensual side. Beautiful, talented, and not afraid to take on roles a little off the beaten path, Kidman shows no signs of slowing down.
Movie Title (Year) Character
Rabbit Hole (2010) (completed) Becca Corbett 
Nine (2009) Claudia
Australia (2008) Lady Sarah Ashley
The Golden Compass (2007) Mrs. Coulter
Margot at the Wedding (2007) Margot
The Invasion (2007) Carol Bennell
Happy Feet (2006) (voice) Norma Jean
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006) Diane Arbus
Bewitched (2005) Isabel Bigelow / Samantha
The Interpreter (2005) Silvia Broome
Birth (2004) Anna
The Stepford Wives (2004) Joanna Eberhart
Cold Mountain
(2003) Ada Monroe
The Human Stain
(2003) Faunia Farley
(2003) Grace Margaret Mulligan
The Hours
(2002) Virginia Woolf
Panic Room
(2002) (voice) (uncredited) Stephen’s Girlfriend on the Phone
Birthday Girl
(2001) Sophia, alias Nadia
The Others
(2001) Grace Stewart
Moulin Rouge!
(2001) Satine
Eyes Wide Shut
(1999) Alice Harford
Practical Magic
(1998) Gillian Owens
The Peacemaker
(1997) Dr. Julia Kelly
The Leading Man
(1996) Academy Awards Presenter
The Portrait of a Lady
(1996) Isabel Archer
Batman Forever
(1995) Dr. Chase Meridian
To Die For
(1995) Suzanne Stone Maretto
My Life
(1993/I) Gail Jones
(1993) Tracy Kennsinger
Far and Away
(1992) Shannon Christie
Billy Bathgate
(1991) Drew Preston
(1991) Nicola
Days of Thunder
(1990) Dr. Claire Lewicki
Dead Calm
(1989) Rae Ingram
Emerald City
(1988) Helen, Mike McCord’s Girlfriend
Room to Move
(1987) (TV) Carol Trig
Watch the Shadows Dance
(1987) Amy Gabriel
Un’australiana a Roma
(1987) (TV) Jill
The Bit Part
(1987) Mary McAllister
(1986) Jade
(1985) (TV) Catherine
Wills & Burke
(1985) Julia Matthews
Matthew and Son
(1984) (TV) Bridget Elliot
BMX Bandits
(1983) Judy
Bush Christmas
(1983) Helen
Chase Through the Night
(1983) (TV) Petra
Skin Deep
(1983) (TV) Sheena Henderson

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