Lady Gaga Dead on Alcohol Overdose

Lady Gaga Dead on Alcohol Overdose

Lady Gaga Died another funny Hoax released by group by peoples who target every week a new celebrity for just only fun. Last week Khloe Kardashian was on the target regarding their accident news and now Lady Gaga is the victim, the rumors of Lady Gaga Death spend through commenting on the facebook, twitter, and youtube videos. The news shared as “Lady Gaga died in the party because of overdose of drugs and Alcohol.”.
There is nothing behind such news every thing is ok, Lady Gaga not died she is fine and healthy. Lady Gaga commenting on the rumors that “no one have the interest how I look like after death, but every one want to see when she fails, how she fails, what Gaga wear, Lady Gaga, Lady gaga Wardrobe”. Such type of rumors is only spread for fun, some times celebrity also involved in spreading rumors for get attraction and cheap popularity.
Every one is looking now which celebrity is the next target of celebrities which type of news will be attached with that, could be the accidental, Death, Split, divorces, kidnapped. So be careful for every news you hear, don’t believe till you confirm


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