Super Actress Naomi Watts

Super Actress Naomi Watts

Born in England, the leggy blond suffered the trauma of losing her father when she was only ten years old.
“There was a time I was very much blaming the way I felt on L.A, that it was a vacuum of creativity, of humor or anything organic, and I was really angry at the place. But then today I feel completely different – I love L.A.!”
In August 2007, police were called in to remove more than 30 paparazzi who had swarmed on Naomi Watts while she shopped at a grocery store. She was forced to hide inside, while her friend drove their car as close to the door as she could, in order to allow Naomi to jump in without pushing through the paparazzi.
Her salary for “King Kong” was reportedly $5,000,000.
Naomi says about her experience filming “King Kong”, “My arms and legs were black and blue with bruises… It’s like I was in marine boot camp. Now I want to do something where the most strenuous thing I do is kiss the leading man!”
“I’ve slept with a few directors but still didn’t get the part. Isn’t that strange?”

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