Some importent about Adriana Lima

Some importent about Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian supermodel, who claims to be a virgin. If this is true, she may be the first virgin supermodel in the history of the world, which would also make her the hottest, because sad little losers like me get off on virginity! It means that the woman in question can't turn around and say we're rubbish in bed! Top 99 Women 2008 Edition.Adriana got her start in modeling when she entered the Brazil’s Ford Supermodel search at the age of 15 and finished first. Since then, she has been a media darling, often proclaimed as the most beautiful girl in the world. FHM ranked her number seven in the 100 sexiest women of 2007, People Magazine chose her as one of the most beautiful people in the world, and Spike TV Choice Awards named her the hottest girl on the planet. Suffice to say, she’s good looking.Adriana has done several TV commercials as well, her most memorable one was a Victoria Secret commercial with legendary rock musician Bob Dylan. Critics have spoken out against the commercial calling Bob Dylan a sell out, but they loved Adriana.These days Adriana is still modeling as well as doing charitable work for her home town in Brazil.Adriana Lima is #3 in the list of 25 sexiest models in the world. She is also one of the 12 Highest Earning Hotties according to Wall Street Fighter.

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