Monica Bellucci is Named no. 18 in 2009 top 99

Monica Bellucci is named no. 18 in 2009 top 99

Though Monica Bellucci is in her mid-40s, there’s little doubt that she remains one of the sexiest and alluring actresses working today. Her raw sensuality is unparalleled, and it’s certainly not difficult to see why she continues to outshine her younger and far more famous contemporaries.

In 2008, Monica Bellucci proved that she was still brimming with sex appeal as she ranked at No. 22 on AskMen.com's Top 99 list of Most Desirable Women and then moved up in the ranks in 2009, coming in at No. 18.

2010 is Bellucci’s most prominent year to date in English-language films, with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, opposite Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel; The Whistleblower, opposite Rachel Weisz; and Joel Schumacher’s 1:30 Train. Did we mention that she’s 45?

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