Lindsay Lohan Turns 21

Lindsay Lohan Turns 21
Party girl Lindsay Lohan quitely marked her 21st birthday getting sober in rehab instead of the initially planned wild booze party at Pure in Las Vegas. Although she did took a break from her Promises sessions to be with her family in LA.
Lohan’s mother and siblings were photographed arriving at Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend for what her mother had said would be a family celebration. And on Monday, she was seen jogging on the beach during a break from her stay at Promises rehab center in Malibu.
Last week Beverly Hills police forwarded a report to the District Attorney’s office citing Lohan was on drugs during the night of her car crashing accident on May 26. The DA said they are still gathering evidence before formally charging the actress of any crime.
Police said they found a substance tentatively identified as “a usable amount of cocaine” in connection with the accident.
Looks like La Lohan could be in serious trouble…


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