Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Will Be Televised.

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Will Be Televised.

Because the holy union between man and woman should be a sacred and intimate event, forever intertwining two lives in the eyes of God, it only makes sense that Kris Jenner is taking bids on airing Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries‘ wedding which was, of course, the entire point of their engagement once everyone realized Khloe’s Sasquatch uterus couldn’t produce a human child in time for next season
“This is the thing, one of the biggest joys in my life is the fact that we have Khloé and Lamar’s experience on E! They filmed it and every time I watch that, I cry.”
To which Kourtney dead-pan/sassed, “Boo-hoo.”
“I went through it so quickly,” the matriarch with a huge-ass rock continued, ignoring her spawn who was sitting next to the sis with the equally huge-ass rock. “And so fast and furious, you don’t stop and take the little mental snapshots.”
And thus sparked another classic clash of the Kardashes:
Khloé: “You gotta stop with the fast and the furious comment.”
Kourtney: “Yes! I’m over it!”
Khloé: “Like, if you say that in another interview, there’s other adjectives you could use.”
Kris: “There’s none in my vocabulary.”
You kind of get the impression that Kourtney’s not exactly thrilled to be the unmarried sister, but then you realize she’s also the smart one (I measure intelligence in fake breast having.) who knows that a marriage to Scott Disick would only end with a nailgun to the head after she ordered the wrong business cards. “I specifically said, off-white with a watermark. And you call this weight tasteful?!

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