The Real Housewife of Paris

The Real Housewife of Paris
Work means that it just is not magic whirlwind Salma Hayek will not cook. African Union as are btaty hand. Wife Henry - Pinault and PPR, François women's all a bit.

Salma Hayek, getting down to work. This is only photo we have reached in Paris, more like free makeup made by Rasta hair bundle, and now he is sitting with photographer on the bed, and pictures that you used as reference points go through. Xeroxed pictures are very provocative - Romy Schneider, search sorrow and delirious, Catherine Deneuve blouse that Helmut Newton, a model naked balcony on a fur coat leaning down minimum opening - but it seems that absolutely no difference between Hayek does. He also taught them about as a product shot, but it was from subjugation.

Is there anyone (as usual) and he will be out about the room like a little nervous to work with, or will he ever agreed to. Initially, they excuse: most of these pictures Dangling a cigarette from his mouth with women, but these pictures information about non-smoking basis. Okay, clear the match was decided on instead. With all eyes on him, and through the newspaper is still abstract until you get help. It stopped, and lightly pile in her lap slap down images.

"Okay," she says, maintaining a completely straight face and said, "What can I in my backyard for a cigarette is put. I do not think it sets a bad example, that not ? "

Sure, everyone in stitches, and it is immediately clear that this is a gift Hayek: This is strange, rude, and in record time on all kinds of people can succeed. In some cases, their laughter, and that comes easily and less for a breath, girlhood as a throwback, and after that he has grown, and its quality and rugged, heat, and uncertainties of combination that quickly draws you - as if from anywhere in the following question, first of all: you and I fall in a bull, not, will we?

Here are some arrondissements away place called home now. Mexican soap star, and Hollywood movie star, producer, Oscar, glamazon red carpet, worker clearly: Hayek up many career with a strong focus is surrendered. In his life yet the most important role (to) is not in the list: François Henri - Pinault, PPR, luxury conglomerate's chief executive role of wife and mother of 3 year-old daughter ) Valentina,.

Two years ago, Hayek and Pinault got married - twice. Once the private sector on the day of rejoicing love,, and. Venice is later, spectacular, star studded ceremony, a Grace Kelly esque - designed by Nicolas Ghesquière but talk very openly to wear clothes by the United Nations and before them was clarified. The couple lived on two different continents, he was a kid, they were opened and after that engagement.

"I can not tell you about it in detail," she says, is that when asked. Exchange of fire in the bathroom, keep her hair done. "All I can tell you that it works to get better, because ... we never fought only one time during this period of time we had a problem we separated, and his --.. and this is after a lot - when we get back together, you do so, it can ensure that this is exactly what you want, and just appreciate what you have here that in our case. for, and the best thing that could have happened to us, because it was painful. "

Pair met five years ago, in the circumstances they themselves would prefer to keep under, she says, advised on the skin. "We kept it a secret because it was like:?. How can I do it first thing in terrorist activity was on the verge of a nervous said: 'I moved to Paris is not a housewife I'm '.. he said:' Well, we will be different from, this marriage is a different kind of exciting to have such, "the gruff voice shift Hayek. . "I knew it was going to end here, but this was the right thing! This before I knew it most of my time spent here, and I like it."

However, this proposal hardly be a housewife just moved to Paris. Is a stop. Hayek me angry is quiet.

"No, you're wrong," he says. "I am a housewife for her husband every night you cook? .. I'm definitely a housewife and a good idea, and I must say."

Pino, he says, many people in this house do not want to achieve. "It is less important in many ways our large and clear, and many ways - in good ways - it is with."

, But ask naively, if I felt wild days behind, get in his signature to a bill in response forehead.

"The 'wild praise," he says.

A little background: New birthday was spent in St. Barths, and finally accepted the invitation of his friend Fifi Neveu good venture capital come to stay and is repeated. Valentina with the three gold, and spend the evening (Valentina Hayek with me in pajamas Benno von Hayek, Hayek, have any of the images shown), then hit the Parties: Roman Abramovich, and Paul Allen. Good friends with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Hung out. "It was crazy," he says, "many people, a lot of parties I'm so glad that we did it. Am, but I like to rest next to return to a private beach is discharged. will. "

Light, however, Pino do not expect three courses at dinner. Hayek, roll her eyes. "This is a boy, spoiled, and my husband, and when it comes to food." Then each week, his two sons before the marriage Kitchen, about the 13 and 9, and often outside Paris this weekend friends and I are coming home - to bring world-class art collection CHATEAU family , however, of course, they did not call it that - is full of cousins. "I love the other kids in the house," he says. "Sometimes it's like: wait a while, and how children eat here today, one of 12 good ...?"

Perhaps as part of the duties of his new marital self imposed, to start Hayek PPR offers designers work appear in the front row: He in Balenciaga Stella McCartney, Yves SAINT LAURENT Yves SAINT LAURENT, Balenciaga in Stella McCartney was wearing, and so on. This clearly by this ambassador had a feeling, but Hayek said he does not feel all that should be a spokesman for the group does. Just hate to shop, and knowledge of designers life easier.

"Let's be honest, and very nice clothes," he says. "Events, if an McQueen, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Yves SAINT LAURENT, Bottega Veneta - and you have relationships with designers, and certainly do so but if I did not like clothes, and you in me men do not hold .. "

Finally, the world's best players he Hayek cupboard married. It's safe to say that after a while I woke up and thought I had nothing to wear. However a person to make problems for wardrobe dressing: "I want to go down the stairs and let her go, 'OK,' and not 'Oh yes, I saw that office.' Or:. ' It looks better as "confused things so. He loves Lanvin and Giambattista Valley, Roland Mouret said he's a great idea for women Curve, and he loves Alaïa ", which, anyway, me death spoils - François jealousy is sometimes, but that he loves me in his clothes is! "

A one-time, and Salma Hayek flat chest. I think this applies to all, but claims that it was a late developer. David Letterman said some years ago resulted in that young mother went to church with, and left her hand in holy water, cross on his chest and prayed for breasts. "He gave them to me," ", and" innocent, since they have to hide their assets did not, however, he was not specific stand. This is the reason why designers such as Alaïa, loves the "body woman understands."

Stella McCartney, who first and Pino Hayek long ago became an item, and clearly an initial meeting in a hotel Hayek is wearing a sign. "Salma We had a bit of a challenge, his clothes need to structure a big deal," he tells me, "and she knows just what it wants and needs, which is a happy and is very low if the first thing that hit him - this kind of power, and said that! It felt like I was a woman physically, but very expressive and full of energy, imagination partner "Nicolas Ghesquière is a kind of property "", and remember that when they designed her wedding dress and come Hayek "with his own views, but at the same time to get new ideas on courage."

Pino Hayek on the draft has been excellent, and whoever this "great vision," as they are dedicated to other things. "Then one of you who appreciate fashion dress is encouraged," he says. "I think that if you're with someone else, I just. It is a challenge because it will not enjoy" I smiled a cunning smile. "You be good not like to be a designer made for him if he does not love her and I want to be proud of me and I do not think, good job ... it is not pretty ! "

Exchange of fire at the end, Valentina by her grandmother dropped off. Every day, Hayek how her daughter is her own mind was telling stories about, created the impression that it is and rebellion, give money, and it seems only fair they should be. However, complicated lighting equipment and wide-ranging air and various strangers, Valentina - of the Spanish, French and speaks English (because English is the language of his parents to talk to each other) - a chair for her mother Hayek is on toes and take all. "Emerged from this!" She cried with joy when they visits from a. With a short skirt and a black pantsuit McQueen associated invalid - change in the post today Hayek. "I am very happy that I have come," says Valentina is in Spanish as they put on clothes. "I started to miss you every day I think about you. What are you thinking about me?"

Valentina to see. "No," Woody said. "But I did not think you when you're sleeping."

A few days later we Fleur - non SAINT GERMAIN Street together for coffee at a cafe. Philosopher Bernard Henri - Levy is pontificating in a corner of the door. Enter Hayek discreetly - a 5 - foot - 2 frame should have come up sometimes - bottle green Balenciaga jacket, black trousers and black shoes. Hair in a loose top level is back and wearing gold earrings in preventing a spiral hop away.

Although they take care of a house in Los Angeles, and it is only there now. Paris in the year spends at least six months, and four other focus on business with her husband. Valentina takes it everywhere, and because home is where your family.

Setup does not mean that, although it was in talks with Hollywood's comedy star, and he looks forward to the most part keeps her close to working. And that Europe make more movies. Now, this is one of the shooting in Paris, and after exchange of fire there last year is coming to Spain. He reflects, "It's something romantic to many independent movies," "a little trailer and very little time and less money for a film, but sometimes little things like that are not subjected."

If no other work was not in American life, it is clear that Mexico lives there at 10 who are half in Lebanon. It is almost amazing to think again: After studying international relations, Hayek a popular Mexican star became the name of drama, and towels especially for a new beginning in Hollywood threw. He Robert Rodriguez semiclad, Petite conservation and a half when the celebrity couple made under Edward Norton dated. He then produced a "unique" acting in, close emotional that many have failed to bridge this project. In the TV series "Ugly Daughter", now with the production of the Foundation Agreement were for production of simulators and small screen "evil." Oh, and along Gibran Khalil Gibran seller a dynamic film world better, "the Prophet."

"It's exhausting!" He sighs. "This 21 a woman is tired."

Okay, what advice do you provide?

".. Nothing I want to give anyone advice me one day at a time, take it and some days they say: Well, I and another not so good today and I'm on strike deal with it, and people ... "

Hayek, however, not a trick in store to save fairer sex. The next year, that your download, Nuance will display the beauty. The six or seven year period was a secret project, and says this is the first time they have talked about.

"I always wanted to do it," says Hayek, "because my grandmother, who was a beautiful, no problems and died at 96 from a distance and you see your mother, we have some family secrets ... ! tepezcohuite you've heard about? ".

A short pause, your humble correspondent to provide information. My mother is Mexican, and I laugh every time I have spent my life and suggested that his treatment, or cactus leaf Aztec always a complex way with a name, or, do not forget , using a special seashell with freckles evaporate. But I just still use tepezcohuite burns heal - because it really does not work - the role of my children to laugh at me. It is somewhat surreal, sitting on the other side of the film in Paris for Fleur - de café stars, and for them the things that bring me back to my childhood in Mexico tell me about help , and what their healthy hair to the next element in the fight or prevent wrinkles may be emphasized.

"You know if you mamey fruit stones and burn your lashes rub over? How" Hayek says.

I agreed. Nacar clamshell you are using it? May I ask.

"- Course Whitening cream - Concha nacar that our next step,!." He encouraged table leans conspiratorial: "We know these things things I can not claim anything!"

Hayek is the logical leap that if, for example, quickly renewed tepezcohuite so soon is in the hospital units were burned, Why do not you use moisturizer? All elements of this natural, cheap and easily available in Mexico involving his grandmother move (invisible). Full project her personality says a good deal about: first, to look clown, beauty tips family inheritance. Then several years of research into a lot of work. Finally, any item that raised the price point is too much denial. Hayek most unique you can think can generate within - they only PPR a whole new brand, say - but he is wanted and democratic, the company chose to work with CVS Pharmacy was a chain is America.

Two years ago, Hayek breast feeding a child in Sierra Leone by made headlines, live on TV. He's not the Crusaders had a lot of time, in a wedding dress through the streets of the city for a campaign against domestic violence, for example, is running, and I ask him if his children motherhood focus on issues related to leadership.

"No" he replied. "I am too honest, when you or I to a very low, because a lot going on maybe they are more common things, but in them my whole life .. you things I can not imagine. but a lot of work to real work, not necessarily one tried to strengthen awareness, so the only volunteer work. For example. This means that sometimes you .. . I really know? you people who are dying of dysentery want to clear. what anyone wants to work. "

To some extent, their sense of compassion comes from the fact that - as you say with a little laugh - "I have always been a little different," something the United States to Mexico , he often subjected to racist comments was, however, as,, it shows, "this does not trouble me about the person I am feeling a little upset - such as:. . Stop, you crazy, but yes, "she admits" many times I did not get to the movie because of my accent, or because I am in power, Mexico many times idiots. what do you do? "

Valentina is time to take it to nursery. Hayek us S.U.V. driver Helps and gives us a few kilometers away, where we Valentina her "friend" to see play with, and one son Cruz, who most of his life living in Argentina. Lol she's his mother, Cruz Cecil, inspired by discussions with and Hayek. A specific time that it is for more children to the farm was too late on the question. Hayek says that is 44 Cecil. Cecil's floor. She looks at me. I knew that she was 44, and I say, but because of an article I'm writing about. The truth is that the skin of 25 years. Cecil is still confused. "So you should not be drinking?" Shows. Hayek makes her see you are between mad. "Close (to occur," he says, "nothing I have not married to France!"

Hayek and now we are all in the car and are on their way home, phone me, especially a look at his mother, who is visiting to take. River scene on the wall, not far off from, and open wide the doors when two electronic field. Behind their compound, which is home, is a brilliant, modest and humble start. House, and with an excellent 20 th century 19 th century furniture was decorated with the bones.

Hayek, the mother down the stairs, wearing a traditional Mexican huipil. Her beautiful skin is in truth inhumane. Dogs - Alves and Lolita, and another phone and his friend Johnny Hallyday Valentina from watching him - we all jump on, and then argue that Hayek's argument and then click on her mother for dinner ( menu tonight:. Niagara tide not to start Huachinango a. Veracruzana rice, tomato salad:) François before Monday, will start at 7:30 from the tennis, or last night, when they Geneva


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