Paris Hilton gets another good shot in on Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton gets another good shot in on Lindsay Lohan

And in the world of nothing changes between two spoiled brats that never grew up properly, as you know light fingers Lindsay Lohan is currently facing a misdemeanor theft charge for allegedly swiping a necklace  from a jewelry storCut to frenemy Paris Hilton,  who used to be close pals with Lohan until 2006 when Lindsay allegedly got too close to Hilton’s ex Stavros Niarchos.
Around that time, Hilton allegedly encouraged her friend Brandon Davis to make fun of Lohan in a rambling rant to the paparazzi with the famous firecrotch reference, which was later posted on TMZ.These days Paris is working on another reality series called “The World According to Paris,” where Hilton got a nice dig in on Lindsay’s trouble with the law.
The clip obtained by TMZ, shows Hilton feeding the homeless at Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, when one attendee who mistook her for Lindsay Lohan, takes notice of her black earrings
When the woman asks, “Can I have those earrings?,” Hilton graciously removes them from her ears and hands them over.
“I’ll give them to you for Christmas,” the heiress said.The woman said she would in turn give them to her sister in Oklahoma and tell her that they were from “Lindsay.”
Hilton laughed and said, “I am not her.”When the woman expressed confusion, saying, “I thought you were supposed to be in rehab,” Hilton against insisted, “I am not Lindsay.”In a voiceover, the socialite went on to indicate the difference between her and Lohan.
“If I were Lindsay,I’d be stealing the earrings,” Hilton said, “not giving them away.”Lindsay who knows “Mean Girls” when she sees them, reportedly complained to friends about Hilton’s latest dig saying:
“Paris is mean. You don’t have to make fun of serious matters in people’s lives to be funny.”

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