Pamela Anderson Olympic Champion

Pamela Anderson Olympic Champion
Beverly Hills, CA – The new season of “Dancing with the Stars” starts on March 22. This season is headlined by former Baywatch vixen Pamela Anderson and by the newly crowned men’s figure skating Olympic champion, Evan Lysacek.
Anderson is by far the biggest name to put on pumps and go for dancing glory on the reality show. She will be joined by astronaut Buzz Aldrin ; reality stars Kate Gosselin and Jake Pavelka and Erin Andrews ; singer Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls; football star Chad Ochocinco ; and actors Shannen Doherty , Aiden Turner and Niecy Nash .

Lysacek’s participation comes a great surprise as he just won Olympic gold only two weeks ago. One would expect him to be off doing lucrative exhibitions or preparing to head off to Italy for the March World Figure Skating Championships to defend his 2009 world title. His classical training and athletic prowess and ability to learn intricate choreography should make him an early favorite to win this competition as he has done many times before at the US National Championships, the World Figure Skating Championships and International Grand Prix Championships. Former US, World and Olympic figure skating champion Kristi Yamaguchi is also a “Dancing with the Stars” champion.


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