'Naughty'Pami 'blacklisted' on Google instant search

'Naughty'Pami 'blacklisted' on Google instant search

If someone was to tell you that Pamela Anderson was blacklisted on Google instant search, would you believe him? After all haven't we all searched the voluptuous beauty online and found her successfully in her various avatars! But the fact is that Pamela Anderson is a blacklisted word on Google instant.
Whenever you start typing a word in Google search, the browser automatically completes what you're typing in order to reduce search time. But if you were to search Pamela Anderson, Google will not complete the word for you, neither will it give you an option of searching the buxom babe in its drop down. Try it!
But she is not alone. Google has a list of 'blacklisted' words, mashable reports.
Here's a sample:
asian babe
pamela anderson
dirty pillows
style doggy
Why, you would ask. Answer is rather simple. Google, in its own way, is trying to not let you view the 'naughty' content online. On a serious note, Google tries to ensure that offensive searches in the past do not jump in front of users looking for something innocuous.
If you must search the words, then all you need to do is type the complete word and hit enter.


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