Miley Cyrus loves cupcakes

Miley Cyrus loves cupcakes

Miley Cyrus, singer and actress, was reported delighted when coming across a dessert stand backstage at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards last Saturday. One of the onlookers told HollywoodLife website “Miley was with her publicist and told her to hang on for a second so she could come over to the Sprinkles cupcakes area and get a mini-strawberry and a mini-red velvet cupcake.’ and said her mom ‘has a cupcake problem’ too.”
She also was quizzed on rumours over the possible re-uniting of former boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, but only saying “Shhh! I’ll never tell. My lips are sealed.”
Just shows that Miley’s human like the rest of us and has food fantasies too, right?

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