Kim Kardashian Most Searched Celebrity on Bing

Kim Kardashian Most Searched Celebrity on Bing
Celebrity searches may bring up dangerous results, but that won't stop curious fans from hunting down stories and pics of their favorites online. Bing recently released its list of the top search trends of 2010, and taking the crown for most searches is one hot cell phone hacker: Kim Kardashian.
Although there were some major searchable milestones this year, like Antennagate, the World Cup, and the release of Sex and the City 2, just to name a few, it seems that a bikini-clad Kardashian can take them all down with just a few Twitpics. Want to see who and what else topped Bing's search topics in 2010? Check out the list after the break.
I'm not at all shocked to see Tiger Woods or Justin Bieber finding a place on the list, especially after Tiger's rough start to 2010 and widespread "Bieber Fever" swept the globe. Of course, 2010 isn't over yet

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