Biography of popular pop/R&B singer and songwriter - Christina Aguilera

Biography of popular pop/R&B singer and songwriter - Christina Aguilera

Maria Cristina Staten Island, New York love, born 18 December 1980, a very beautiful little American pop / R & B singer and songwriter Irish origin, and is Spanish. Christina lived with her sister Rachel, and both young and her parents until they were seven, but with her grandmother rochester, moved to Pennsylvania after his parents divorced.

Wallpaper knew what he wanted when he was a kid. Talent shows and local competitions early age, where as "little girl with big voice" was known to sing in competition started. Christina school because of his popularity his colleagues, fear, and point where their house was vandalized came, their tires slashed. Family left at the end of rochester, and Wexford, where he is not in talent Cristina public knowledge transfer to a nearby town.

In March 1990, in search of stars Christina entered,
but lost. When he returned home, Christina on the Etta James up with Larry Richert "love like Sunday," in which he sang in search of stars is to perform. Since then, Star Spangled Banner singer came in high the football, hockey and baseball games the year before.

Disney and pop music
In 1993, love, Disney Channel, "The New Mickey Mouse Club," Britney Spears, Justin Wall, Best Russell and Ryan Gosling were joined, but appear after a year of its existence has been canceled. 14 years old, love, released her first song, "All I want" with Japanese singer Keizo Nakanishi.

Christina international success this year was probably 1998 when Disney called her Moulin "Note," which her Golden Globe award nominations and a record deal with RCA Records earnings have to record a song. A year later, this album is the first time I myself love the title and panel issued 200.8 million copies were sold in the United States alone topped the world in more than 15 million copies when the book was reached on the reputation been. Album "love" that such as "What a girl wants," "on more than one child," "Thank you" and include summer single "bid'ah in a bottle." In 2000, Best new artist Grammy Award for.

Late 2000, love, their first album in English and Spanish, new routes, which led to Latin Grammy Awards and sold 3 million copies worldwide by the local versions of songs from her first Spanish with "Mi Reflejo "issued. Christina also released a holiday album entitled Birth "By birth I leave."

Fame and 2001 when high quality, pink, love and Mya in 1975 called, "Lady marmalade" soundtrack Moulin Rouge was to remake life in building quality talent in love. Then his own experience - as Christina battled in court with the then manager Steve Kurtz to finish the deal. By Irving Azoff has replaced it.


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