Allround girl Lindsay Lohan

Allround girl Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has started her career as a child; she played in several commercials. Later she played small roles in soaps like as the world turns and guideline. Then the movies came on Lindsay’s way. Movies like mean girls and confessions of a teenage drama queen hit the box office. Lindsay also started a career as a singer. She made two albums, a little more personal and speak. Lohan is a real fashion queen. On big events like the oscars she shows up in haute couture dresses. Lindsay owns a lot of designer bags. She dated a lot of male celibrities like Aaron Carter. Aaron is a former boyfriend of Hilary Duff. Lindsay made a mistake in her life; she partied a lot with bad girls like nicole richie and paris hilton. That’s how she started with the use of alcohol and drugs. Lohan said that this indeed was a mistake en she would abandon this life style


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