Shakira to Go Live?

Shakira to Go Live?

Just like Madonna and The Jonas Brothers before her, Shakira may be in line as the next hot recording artist to sign a multi-million dollar deal with concert promoter Live Nation. These new “360-degree deals”, are Live Nation’s new to the recording business idea, where everything from touring to merchandising to recording, are all supported by the same company. Shakira is currently signed to Epic Records, and owes them two more albums under that deal, but she could get them out by the end of the year and be ready to enter into a new deal with Live Nation by 2009.  How will this change the recording industry? As of yet, no one knows, but the recording industry is adjusting to meet the needs of its new customers and the many new music platforms that are available today. Hopefully for us, this just means more Shakira more of the time!

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