Anne Hathaway Biography

Anne Hathaway Biography

Early on, Anne Hathaway's core religious values in Catholicism were guiding her toward a future filled with religious faith rather than Hollywood fame. Though her mother, Kate McCauley, was an actress, and Anne Hathaway enjoyed playing dress-up and imagining herself as various creative characters, her first career ambition was to become a nun. This career path changed abruptly at 15 when she realized that her religious background would put her at odds with her brother, who was gay. Based on that, Anne Hathaway chose acting instead, and movie audiences would come to be all the better for it.

At New Jersey's Millburn High School, Anne Hathaway got her acting feet wet in various school productions, including Once Upon a Mattress, which saw her nominated for a Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Award in the category of Best Performance by a High School Actress. She also enjoyed the added bonus of training at New York's highly respected Barrow Group Theater Company. Anne Hathaway's acting highs were matched by the lows of a difficult battle with depression. Through her own strength, she eventually conquered the self-loathing and anxiety that came from her darker moments, and pushed forward to begin the career that she would come to love.

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