Anna Kournikova In Beauty Black Latex Skirt

Anna Kournikova In Beauty Black Latex Skirt
 Anna Kournikova is a stunning American professional model and tennis player. Anna actually belongs to Russia. She is one of the most known and famous tennis players throughout the world. Anna has a very good looking an eye catching persona with a very charming face and perfect figure.Here are a few pictures of Anna Kournikova where she is wearing a casual white top and a body hugging black skirt. These pictures are taken from a fashion show in Florida. She is looking absolutely graceful and at the same time very sensuous in this outfit. The best part is that the Black skirt is beautifully hugging the lovely Beauty  of Anna.Though the top she is wearing is pretty casual but the lovely latex skirt is making the outfit complete attire. This blonde model cum tennis player set the ambiance ablaze with her magnificent smile and the gracious outfit. The high heeled stilettos are also perking up her fabulous look.

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